About us

Victor Sports MMA was established in 1996 as an export of Gloves to serve the Global Market Needs.

Doing the best as of total Quality Management we are certified for ISO 9001:2000.

Victor Sports MMA is equipped with the latest tools & technology; having its own qualified and highly skilled fleet who ensure the smooth execution of its commitment to this profession .

Victor Sports MMA focus on both Retail and Professional market, gazing on the individual’s needs for the coming era while believing  there is no end line in business.

By the virtue of having the best workmanship, the quality control with the most prompt and accurate services, Victor Sports MMA has soon claimed its position as the prominent manufacturer of highest quality grooming  products in the world of Gloves in industry.

Also because of the personal care in Gloves Industry for surpassing the normal standards of Quality, Reliability and service and that’s why the professional demand with regard to the high standards of Gloves is on the increase globally  for using  Maher Pak Gloves’ brands as its superior workmanship guarantees the highest standards of performance.

Victor Sports MMA with proper planning and dedication is on its way to setting the standards of optimizing excellence and quality in Gloves.

With the un-precedence repute earned in a short span of time because of the consciousness in manufacturing and delivering durable and workable Gloves, for having  the most enticing machinery specially designed to for such production, victor sports is bringing the dreams of its customers true. Victor Sports MMAbelieves our business  policy circles around the Customer Satisfaction that is put at top Priority in any if our objectivism .

Customer Satisfaction is our main goal otherwise we feel we are nothing.

Customer  from all over the world love to buy our Gloves because of their excellent workmanship, stitching  & fittings, Victor Sports MMA has it Mission to become a leader in export of Gloves Industry in Pakistan by capturing maximum  share of global markets.